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Anxiety disorders form the most common group of mental disorders, affecting about 16% of the population. It usually starting just before or in early adulthood. The symptoms can vary from person to person, but core features include excessive/worry or avoidance of perceived threats that are persistent and impairing. Click here to learn more about the symptoms of Anxiety.

A part of the anxiety response involves aberrant responses in the brain circuits that respond to danger. There are several risk factors for anxiety – including genetic factors and environmental factors.

There are different subtypes of anxiety, including:

  1. Separation Anxiety (childhood, 4-18 yrs)
  2. Specific Phobias
  3. Social Anxiety Disorder
  4. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (Children and adults)
  5. Panic disorder
  6. Agoraphobia (primarily in adults, 18+)
    Click here to learn more about the various types of Anxiety.

Treating Anxiety can sometimes take a multi-disciplinary approach, from counselling, to naturopathy.


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