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Dizziness is a common complaint at clinics like ours. People suffer from dizziness for several reasons. One common cause is something called cervicogenic dizziness. Simply put – cervicogenic dizziness originates from the cervical spine.

In other words, our upper neck can be the cause of dizziness!

First described in 1955, cervicogenic dizziness is disequilibrium that is associated with neck pain in patients with abnormal afferent (or sensory) activity form the neck [4].

What Causes Cervicogenic Dizziness?

There are three common theories attempting to explain cervicogenic dizziness.

  1. Vascular compression.
  2. Altered proprioceptive input.
  3. Vasomotor changes caused by irritation of the cervical sympathetic chain.

Cervicogenic dizziness is usually caused by impact such as whiplash or spasm of the cervical muscles.

How is Cervicogenic Dizziness Assessed and Diagnosed?

Firstly, there is no blood test, imaging or specific testing that can diagnose cervicogenic dizziness. The assessment with your chiropractor or physiotherapist is most important.

At Absolute Health and Wellness, our initial assessments are 1 hour long – to ensure a thorough, comprehensive workup is done.

Our practitioners will assess your neck and back range of motions and joint restrictions. They will assess your neck musculature along with nerves and muscle through myotome and dermatome testing.

How Can Cervicogenic Dizziness be Treated?

Various studies have demonstrated that manual therapy, like that performed by our physiotherapists and chiropractors can improve dizziness [1]. There has been specific research on those with neck pain – and found spinal manipulation, mobilizations and soft tissue work can be of great help [2].

Treating Cervicogenic Dizziness at Absolute Health and Wellness

Cervicogenic dizziness can be assessed and treated by a number of us at Absolute Health and Wellness. Click here to learn more about our team and see how they may be of assistance.

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