Chromium is an essential trace element. It is important in human physiology as it enhances the effects of insulin. We call this an insulin sensitizer, which would consequently reduce glucose levels. There is good research and evidence to use chromium for diabetes.

There is a lot of research on chromium, some showing benefit and others showing no effect. The most significant thing when looking at efficacy of chromium for diabetes, is the form – this article is speaking about a particular form called Chromium Picolinate. If you need to review regular blood sugar metabolism, please click here. To review how these processes a dysfunctional in a diabetic, click here.

What the Research Shows

Research shows taking 1000 mcg once per day for 6 months resulted in a 1.16 reduction in HbA1c, increased insulin sensitivity (HOMA), reduction in body fat and reduced waist circumference (compared to placebo), in humans with diabetes. Furthermore it was found that taking sulfonylurea agents had a significant beneficial effect [5].

Another studied showed 600 mg chromium picolinate and 2 mg biotin, once per day, for 3 months had improvements in HbA1c (down 0.54%), reduction of Triglyceride to HDL ratio (another protective effect) [6]. This trial was also in humans with diabetes.

Some research shows the more insulin resistant someone is, the more the chromium may help [7].

The From of Chromium Matters

In supplemental form, chromium is usually attached to some other molecule. Chromium can be attached to picolinate, citrate, some chelate and others. That other molecule will determine how well the chromium is absorbed and utilized. When it comes to its role in diabetes and blood sugar management, chromium picolinate is distinctly better and recommended.

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