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Geriatric physiotherapy is a specialized area of physical therapy that is focused on helping older adults maintain their physical function and mobility. As we age, our bodies naturally undergo changes that can lead to a range of physical issues, such as reduced flexibility, decreased balance and coordination, and chronic pain. Geriatric physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help seniors overcome these challenges and achieve better physical health.

One of the primary goals of geriatric physiotherapy is to help seniors maintain their independence and quality of life. This might involve exercises to improve balance and prevent falls, as well as stretches and other techniques to reduce stiffness and pain. Geriatric physiotherapists can also work with patients to help them manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

Another important aspect of geriatric physiotherapy is its focus on promoting social interaction and engagement. Older adults who are physically active and engaged in their communities tend to be healthier and happier than those who are isolated and sedentary. Geriatric physiotherapists can help seniors find ways to stay active and involved in their communities, whether it's through group exercise classes, social clubs, or other activities.

At Absolute Health & Wellness, our geriatric physiotherapy services are designed to help seniors achieve optimal physical health and wellness. Our team of experienced physiotherapists works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to their unique needs and goals. Whether you're looking to improve your balance, reduce pain and stiffness, or simply stay active and engaged, we can help.


At Absolute Health & Wellness, we believe that patients should see a pediatric physiotherapist for several reasons. Firstly, our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in treating the elderly population. They have additional certifications and training in geriatric physiotherapy, which means that they can provide the best possible care to older adults.

Secondly, our physiotherapists are compassionate and understanding. They take the time to listen to each patient's concerns and work with them to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their unique needs and goals. Our treatments are always one on one, with the same physiotherapist each time, in private rooms, which means that patients can feel comfortable and confident during their therapy sessions.

Finally, we have an in-house exercise facility that is specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults. This facility is equipped with the latest equipment and technology, which means that our patients can receive the best possible care and treatment.


Geriatric physiotherapists commonly work with older adults who may experience a wide range of conditions related to the aging process. Some of the most common conditions that people see a geriatric physiotherapist for include:

  1. Osteoarthritis and other joint-related issues
  2. Chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia and back pain
  3. Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders
  4. Stroke and other neurological conditions
  5. Balance and mobility issues, including falls prevention
  6. Respiratory conditions, such as COPD
  7. Cardiac rehabilitation following a heart attack or surgery
  8. Dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Geriatric physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help manage and treat these conditions, including exercise therapy, manual therapy, gait and balance training, and education on lifestyle modifications to improve overall health and wellness. They work closely with patients to develop individualized treatment plans based on their specific needs and goals, in order to improve their quality of life and promote healthy aging.