Monday May, 16 2022 6:30 PM
Cowan Community Health Hub

A Review of the IFV Roadmap: Understand the whole process so you know what to expect and how to navigate once the process begins

Review of Medications: What they do, why/when you take them and how we may support the process

Planning Ahead: Lifestyle, diet, exercise, supplements and other complementary forms of medicine may be helpful. We'll discuss these things. 


About This Masterclass

IVF can be a whirl-wind. From the day things start to the finish line - it can be overwhelming for some. We designed this seminar to help ease your mind. We go through the processes you would follow with a fertility clinic.

We also take a step back and discuss all the lifestyle interventions that may increase success rates. Things you can do from now to possibly improve your outcomes!

We discuss the impact diet, stress management, exercise, optimizing hormones and how supplements may be used within the context of IVF. We discus what evidence based really means and what types of evidence we look for when we work with our fertility patients at the clinic.

The Presenters

Dr. Johann de Chickera and Dr. Jessie Must are Naturopaths serving the Paris, Brantford and Surrounding Brant County.

This talk is not only intended for those living within this region - the insights you may gather can be valuable and we welcome anyone to attend.

For more about Dr. Johann, click here. For more about Dr. Jessie, click here.

The venue

Cowan Community Health Hub

25 Curtis Ave N, Paris, ON N3L 3V3