Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients for human health. It’s involved in so many processes, including diabetes and blood sugar management.

The Normal Insulin Response

If you review basic blood sugar and insulin physiology, you’ll remember the underlying physiology of type 2 diabetes is that the cell doesn’t respond to insulin appropriately, and thus sugar cannot leave the blood and enter the cell.

One goal in diabetes prevention and management is to keep the cells sensitive to insulin (remember diabetes is associated with insulin resistance).

Magnesium’s Role in Blood Sugar and Insulin Metabolism

Magnesium is required for normal insulin receptor signaling. It is also responsible for normal pancreatic response to sugar [8]; remember the pancreas makes insulin.

It’s known that higher dietary intakes of magnesium seem to correspond to lower diabetes incidence [9]. It’s estimated about 38% of diabetes patients are magnesium deficient.

Those with excess glucose in the urine tend to lose more magnesium in the urine too [8], which makes insulin resistance even worse.

Magnesium for Diabetes Prevention

The physiological relationship between magnesium and blood sugar and insulin metabolism is clearly established. There are even animal studies showing animals predisposed to develop diabetes were protected by magnesium supplementation  [8].

Magnesium for Diabetes Treatment

Human research shows that magnesium supplementation in diabetics can have many positive impacts on blood sugar and insulin response. Studies show reduced fasting blood sugar, improved blood sugar after eating, insulin sensitivity and associated impacts on cardiovascular health in diabetics [9]. The American diabetes association has published a consensus statement suggesting patients with magnesium deficiency and diabetes to receive magnesium supplementation [9].

The Team at Absolute Health and Wellness May Help

Diabetes is a multifaceted condition, and you may have benefit from our naturopath or team of physical therapists. When it comes to choosing supplements and making dietary change, our Naturopathic doctor can give you guidance and if you have any physical ailments secondary to your diabetes, our team of physiotherapists and chiropractors can help.


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