Thai Massage is an ancient form of holistic healing and a branch of Thai medicine inspired from yoga and Ayurvedic practices. Often referred to as “the lazy man's yoga”, Thai massage involves a series of flowing movements, rhythmic compressions, interactive stretches and therapeutic pressure points along the body’s energy lines. Traditional Thai Massage is one of the first forms of physical therapy as it was developed over 2,500 years ago by Shivago Komarpaj– referred to as the Father Doctor by Thai healers and was the personal physician to the Buddha. 

A traditional treatment is 90 minutes and addresses the entire body including abdomen and facial lines. When booking online this is the option that will be available to you, although Chelsea will incorporate many of the principles and movements in your regular treatments.

The combination of stretching, movement and acupressure is what distinguishes Thai Massage from other types of massage. With this treatment you will wear loose fitting clothing, or something you would comfortably work out in.  It is also performed on a special mat, where your therapist will move you through the series of stretches using the weight and pressure of their body to assist in decreasing muscle tension.


Any massage or stretch therapy can be harmful when administered improperly. It is important to receive treatment at the hands of a certified therapist due to complex movements, ensuring it is performed safely and with the correct intent. Side effects may include soreness, sensitivity or redness in the area. If you have underlying health conditions such as osteoporosis or herniated discs please consult with your therapist or doctor to find out which form of massage is safe for you. 

Thai Massage is covered under benefits due to it being performed by a Registered Massage Therapist. Book in today! 


This rhythmic practice has many benefits that have been supported by modern science such as:

  • Reducing severity of headaches
  • Increases mobility by reducing stiffness of joints
  • Increases circulation by stimulating the nervous system 
  • Restores postural dysfunction while aligning the body
  • Lengthens the muscles to increase flexibility and decrease pain
  • Calms your mind, anxieties and reduces stress
  • Relieves pain, sprains, and inflammation of tendons, muscles, and joints
  • Aids in helping a variety of conditions such as asthma, menstrual pain, digestives issues, and mental disorders complementing other forms of treatment
  • Improves vitality and restores overall balance

Thai Massage is said to strengthen the immune system, balance life energy, and detox the body leaving the patient feeling rejuvenated and cleared of emotional blockages. This notion is based on the belief that Thai Massage works with the various energy lines within the body, also known as Sen. Sen corresponds to different parts of the body such as bones, blood, nerves and muscles, while also affecting the mind and consciousness.  The intent of Thai Massage is to free blockages and stagnation in the energy lines affecting the underlying life force (Prana) in the body. Blockages occur where Prana is obstructed in passing through the Sen pathways (similar to nerves or meridians). This obstruction can occur from tense muscles, anxiety, emotional tension, toxins, or the nervous system not functioning properly. When blockages are present, the essential life force has difficulty nourishing the body and can lead to disease, illness, stiffness and chronic pain. The philosophy of Thai Massage is to release blockages in the body, enabling the flow of Prana through energy channels to carry out its function in healing and allow for optimal health.