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Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, is a type of depression that is associated with the seasons of the year, typically Fall and Winter. Symptoms often have their onset at the same time each year, and may result in symptoms such as low mood, difficulty concentrating, sadness, feeling hopeless, guilty, worthless, increased carbohydrate cravings resulting in weight gain as well as difficulty sleeping. Spring and Summer SAD, while less frequent may also affect a person’s wellbeing.

A Danish study found an increase in hospital admissions for depression as well as an 8% increase in depression diagnosis in the month following the changing of clocks. For many people, these symptoms dissipated after several weeks, but for others, the symptoms can last throughout the fall and winter months. In Canada, some 2-3% of people will experience Seasonal Affective Disorder with up to 15% of Canadians experiencing a milder form of SAD.

Treating SAD

Various treatments have found to be successful in managing Seasonal Affective Disorder. Light therapy, various supplements, self-help and/or counselling have shown efficacy in treating SAD.

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