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Commonly known as ashwagandha, ‘Indian ginseng’, or winter cherry, Withania somnifera has been used as a staple ingredient in Ayurvedic preparations due to its numerous therapeutic properties for over 3000 years.

Ashwagandha is a unique herb with adaptogenic benefits, which helps modulate mood responses to external and internal stimuli.[1,2] Ashwagandha is traditionally used in Ayurveda for memory enhancement, to balance aggravated Vata (nervine tonic, sedative), as a sleep aid, as Rasayana (rejuvenative tonic), and to relieve general debility, especially during convalescence or old age.[1,3]

Ashwagandha SAP can:

Help increase resistance to stress/anxiety in individuals with a history of chronic stress, thereby improving their overall quality of life.[4,5,6]
Improve sexual function in women.
Help support testosterone production in men.[8,9]
Support athletic activities as a workout/ exercise supplement.[10]


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