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Zinc is a trace mineral, used commonly for immune modulation, acne, diabetes, burns and a wide range of other conditions. It’s also the most abundant trace mineral in the brain [1]. As such there’s good reason to believe it may have some function within the scope of treating concussions.

Zinc and Concussions

Research out of Florida State University showed that after acute brain injury, such as a concussion, urinary zinc excretion and serum zinc levels decreased [2]. Treatment with zinc, after a concussion showed to reduce traumatic brain injury associated depression and improved cognitive function, specifically spatial learning, and memory. So, there may be some indication for supplementing zinc post-concussion for some individuals.

Zinc Deficiencies

As mentioned above, after concussion zinc deficiency seems to prevail. Also, other factors have been found to reduce zinc in the brain. Work by MIT researchers showed phytates and glyphosate can bind to zinc and induce a deficiency [1]. Furthermore, gut bacteria seem to influence zinc metabolism, which also points to the importance of gut health post-concussion.

Caution with Dosing

Too much free zinc (particularly in hippocampus) is associated with acute injury [2] – so be careful with how much you take, consult your naturopath first.


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